Dakota Oil and Gas LLC



Dakota Oil and Gas LLC is an independent Oil and Gas Exploration and Production company headquartered in Oklahoma City.  The Dakota Group includes Senora Petroleum a full-facet operating company with expertise in all aspects of the administration, operation and maintenance of oil and gas properties, including resource evaluation, well completion and stimulation, and plant design and installation.


Dakota Oil and Gas was founded by a dedicated group of highly experienced energy sector specialist for the purpose of acquiring and enhancing the production of under-performing oil and gas properties and the exploration of high-potential proven basins in the United States.


Our mission is to acquire and produce first class oil and gas properties that offer the latent potential of proven properties, as well as explore for new reserves. We believe there is a unique opportunity within the oil and gas arena today due to the long-term prospect of a strong global bull market for commodities, particularly oil and gas. Leveraging the broad experience of our founding partners, we strongly believe it is possible to acquire high-potential sites within the United States at relatively low prices and offering a good return on investment.